Students, Visitors and others


Douglass Blue, 2023
Christopher Turner, 2023-2024


Jan Kostrzon, University of Warsaw, joint with Marcin Kysiak, MS expected 2023.
Derek Levinson, UCLA, joint with Itay Neeman, PhD expected 2023.
Obrad Kasum, Universite de Paris, joint with Boban Velickovic, MS 2021, PhD 2021-current
James Holland, Rutgers University, 2017-2023
Takehiko Gappo, Rutgers University, 2018-2022
Martin Koeberl, MS, Rutgers University, 2018


Daniel Hoffman (University of Warsaw), June 5-6, 2023
Maxwell Levine (University of Freiburg), May 28-June 1st, 2023
Monroe Eskew (TU Wien), May 23-27
Andreas Lietz (University of Münster), May 23-27
Douglass Blue, April 3-8, 2023
Obrad Kasum, May-July, 2023
Diana Montoya (TU Wien), January 6-11, 2023
Omer Ben-Neria (Hebrew University), Aug 19-27, 2022
Gabriel Goldberg (UC, Berkeley), July 25-August 6, 2022
Ralf Schidler (University of Muenster), February 5-11, 2022
Sandra M&uumlller (TU Wien), October 24-30, 2021
Obrad Kasum, August 2021